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Citizen Initiative for Transparency: Public Document Audit

Kane County LWVs Final Report - Elgin Area/Batavia/Geneva-St. Charles

Multiple observer reports are housed on this page. You may also view the Citizen Initiative for Transparency Final Report which was published on June 1, 2009.

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2009 Observer Reports

The Observer Corps provides a valuable service by ensuring that citizens are aware of the important decisions made by elected bodies, that impact their lives. Observing promotes government transparency and accountability. Below you will find Observer Reports by government bodies currently observed. If you would like more information concerning a specific report or would like to volunteer to help us observe a public body not reported on here, please contact Laurel Bault at

DISCLAIMER: Observer Reports are written by volunteer observers who are members of the Observer Corps of the League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area, and are presented here as a public service. Although every reasonable attempt has been made to adequately prepare and train members of the Observer Corps, reports of specific public meetings are intended solely as informal sources of information on local governance and issues. These reports are not necessarily indicative of League of Women Voters policy or positions, nor are they intended to represent any official record. They are merely observations made by individuals committed to open government and access to information.

School District U-46 Reports:

Elgin City Council Reports:

Elgin Township Reports: