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Check Your Voter Registration Status

Is your voter status correct?

Are you registered to vote? Where is your polling place, and what districts are you in? Find out here.

Check to See if Your Voter Registration Status is Correct

The Illinois Voter Registration System (IVRS) has now been updated with information from all local election authorities in Illinois. The public access component allowing you to check your own voter registration. Here's how:

Go to the Illinois State Board of Elections website ( and click on "Am I Registered to Vote in Illinois" under the "What's New" heading on the left side of the page.

Enter your name and zip code to find out your voter registration status and where to vote (your polling place).

If you wish, you may then enter your street address to discover which federal, state, and city districts you live in; which judicial circuits apply to you; your school district; your precincts; and much more.